Nice Try + IAN SWEET + Frankie Cosmos @ Black Cat

By: Ava Mirzadegan

A little over a week ago, I saw an incredible show at Black Cat. The bill consisted of Nice Try, IAN SWEET, and Frankie Cosmos. Considering my blog name, you can probably guess why I was so happy. Having such a strong line-up made up of female fronted bands makes my heart warm, fuzzy, and covered in glitter. But it's not about their gender, it's that all of these bands are, in the words of Nice Try, "undeniably good."

Nice Try is a band from Bloomington, Indiana. The duo consists of Madeline Robinson on vocals and guitar, and Kahler Willits on drums. With a sound that is as bubbly as it is gritty, the band's execution is more than just a "nice try." Though most of their songs are just under two minutes, Nice Try really knows how to pack a punch. Their songs are short, sweet, and to the point.

Following Nice Try's set was a solo performance from IAN SWEET's Jilian Medford. Seeing Jilian without the backing band was surprisingly good. I had no idea that the band would not be on this tour, but it was honestly for the better. Oftentimes at shows I think about how great it would be if the vocals were as clear as they are on a record. With only Jilian's voice and her guitar coming through the speakers, I had no complaints. I could hear every note she sang, including the higher territory of her vocal range. These squeaks are one of my favorite things about IAN SWEET, and are characteristic of vocalists like Medford and Tiny Hazard's Alena Spanger.

Throughout her set, Jilian talked to the audience about her journey towards accepting pink- a color she once loathed. There was apparently a pink bathroom backstage that she liked quite a bit. She also asked the audience who their favorite Simpsons character is. (Mine is Lisa, of course.) Hers is Bart, but I could have guessed that from her tomboy flair. 

Headliner, Frankie Cosmos, was just as charming and sweet as I had expected. I have somehow never seen them live over the past few years, so it was a significant moment in that regard. Greta Kline kept the entire crowd engaged, as they sang out the words and danced along to every song.

I was standing behind one of the cutest couples I've ever witnessed at a concert, feeling lonely as ever, when Greta spoke as though directly to me. In her introduction for Outside With The Cuties, she gave some sagely advice: "Don't forget to love yourself." During the song, she made it clear that the words "I love you" were also meant to be turned inward to address oneself. For someone so young, Kline does more than scrape by as an artist. With Frankie Cosmos evolving from ingrid superstar into the diy indie hero that we all needed, she's surely earned the spot she holds in all of our hearts.

Having just signed to Sub Pop, Frankie Cosmos is en route to their next album. They will be finishing up this tour with shows in Buffalo, NY (10/3), Northampton, MA (10/4), and Brooklyn, NY (10/7).