Charly Bliss @ Black Cat

By: Ava Mirzadegan

Despite the heat of a sold out room, I was “in heaven” listening to Charly Bliss at the Black Cat’s Backstage. I had never seen a band with such effervescent energy - it was practically spilling over the edge. The connection between the band members is palpable and really draws the audience in.

In between songs, Eva Hendricks continually thanked the audience for selling out DC for the first time, and for knowing the words. I, for one, wasn’t surprised at the crowd’s response after an album like Guppy. DC crowds aren’t known for being rowdy, but you could tell just how much fun everyone was having.

I found myself standing next to a group of teenage girls celebrating a birthday. They were there with their dads, who honestly seemed more into it than their daughters. It was oddly fitting to be caught in the middle of these generations, scream-singing the words to my favorite songs.

For me, Charly Bliss has the unique ability to capture the innocence and care-free attitude of an early 2000’s rom com; you know - that feeling you get when the female lead gets the guy! Their first full-length was first released in April of this year, and has already claimed a spot on my top albums of 2017.

If you missed the show, do yourself a favor: turn on the album, close your eyes, and imagine the band melting your face off.