Q&A w/ Ellen Kempner of Palehound

By: Ava Mirzadegan

The following is an excerpt from a concert review that can be read here.

Ava: How are you handling the transition from the Boston diy scene to a more traditional sense of "success" and critical acclaim?

Ellen: I haven't really thought about it much that way. I guess the main thing I've noticed about this is that because we tour so much now, it's harder for me to get up and go to a DIY show once I'm home, mainly out of laziness. I do still really enjoy playing solo living room sets and stuff like that.

A: What made you want to start making music in the first place? Was it music you listened to as a kid? If so, what or who inspired you?

E: My dad always played music growing up so I got it from him, he gave me my first few guitar lessons. I was struggling to find something to identify because I didn't care about sports so guitar seemed to be the best options. Once Avril Lavigne came around I was all in, she was my hero.

A: At times your songs are extremely personal- does sharing yourself in that way feel comfortable? Would you consider it a coping mechanism to share these emotions with others?

E: It helps for me to have an outlet for all of my anxieties. If I don't get them out one way or another I just explode and become totally useless. Performing the songs for other people has also grown to be really helpful for me, it helps to see other people feeling like I do and finding something to hold on to through my songs.

A: Do your songs still feel as emotionally charged or heavy even after having performed them for so many people?

E: Yea they absolutely do. Part of performing for me is harnessing that emotion and performing it in a way that isn't too detrimental to my brain, while also trying to communicate.

A: I'm a big fan of Syd and would love to know more about him. What's he like? Any funny stories? (follow him on instagram: @sydkitty)


E: He's the best cat in the whole world!!! He's so cuddly and playful and actually really in tune with me emotionally. If i'm crying or having a rough moment he will actually come cuddle up to me! Not to mention most nights he sleeps right next to my face the whole night, not waking up until I do. I have countless stories about him that I think are funny that will probably just sound like babbling in this context.

A: Lastly, I actually love Blueberry donuts! But since you think they're the worst... what would you consider to be the best one?

E: Haha this is the reaction I've gotten from most people regarding that lyric, which is surprising to me! I love Boston Cream I know that's so basic.

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