Single Review: Rose Hotel's "10 K"


By: Niab Montgomery

Perfect for:

  • A winding drive, windows down on a balmy day, with a lot on your mind and your favorite songs on the radio.

  • Sitting outside your favorite cafe, people watching and sketching the lives around you.

  • The montage in your favorite indie flick during which the underdog overcomes their challenges and experiences personal growth.

  The first song from her upcoming debut LP I Will Only Come When It’s A Yes, “10K” juxtaposes dark, emotionally hefty lyrics with wafting vocals overlaid upon more full instrumentation than we’ve previously heard from Jordan Reynolds. Now having assembled a comprehensive backing band, Rose Hotel has crafted a sound with the breeziness of Surf Rock and the impassioned punch of any of your favorite Singer-Songwriters or old Country crooners. This is a tune that embodies a candid and atmospheric snapshot of a woman at an unsure age facing the inevitability of days flipping past and the fickle nature of time itself—a familiar feeling no matter what stage of life you find yourself in.

  While written in an uncontrived voice about the uncertainty and inexperience of youth, Rose Hotel's overall sound has matured into a fully fleshed out, swoon-worthy soundscape of electric guitar and jazzy melodies that has the versatility to carry you through your good days and bad. Finishing with the line, “Don’t you like me at my best?” has us thinking this might be Reynolds at her best yet—and yes, we like her.

I Will Only Come When It’s A Yes, out May 31st (aka Ava’s birthday), is available for pre-order here.


I Will Only Come When It’s A Yes tracklist: 
1. 10 K
2. Write Home
3. Would You Believe Me
4. Was It Right
5. Jamie
6. Better
7. Blue Light
8. If It Ain’t Hard
9. Running Behind