Single Review: Tummyache's "In Between"

By: Niab Montgomery

Keeping things short and bittersweet on the new single “In Between”, Soren Bryce’s new project Tummyache shows a further maturation of her sound. More dimensional than we’ve heard it before, this track in particular highlights a new depth in Bryce’s voice. With more intensity and an aggressive melancholy, she finds a way to make a wail a whisper, and infuses her sound with the controlled tremble of raw feeling.

Playing as an exploration of both pain and healing, this track feels at once like a recognition and a plea--both apprehensive and wistful, having found a way to paint even numbness vividly.

Layered over a trance-like and dissociative soundscape, the lyrics of “In Between” offer a catharsis akin to brushing a bruise to see how much it still hurts.

“In Between” is out now on Poor Man Records.