With a sound reminiscent of Matthew Lee Cothran and Hovvdy, Omes’ debut is still uniquely him. It is an incredibly heartfelt and intense look into his internal world. Listening to each song feels less like music and more like the act of staring into a mirror from his perspective. The sliding of fingers across his guitar’s neck contrasted against the drum machine’s clacking and the guitar’s thrumming creates a textural kaleidoscope out of something simple.

Spooled Up have made good on the promises of their singles, offering an electric release that overflows with a vast collection of ideas and offerings. The strength and anger of each song ebbs and flows, as does a general presence of lackadaisical positivity.

Keeping things short and bittersweet on the new single “In Between”, Soren Bryce’s new project Tummyache shows a further maturation of her sound. More dimensional than we’ve heard it before, this track in particular highlights a new depth in Bryce’s voice.

Throughout her career, Imogen Heap has not only been an ingenious performer, producer, and songwriter, but also a conduit for transcendence. When attending the shows, something inside of me stirred. Being able to witness her work come to life was absolutely unreal. Heap has created some of the most breathtaking music I’ve ever heard, and seeing these compositions reproduced by human performers still seemed as though by some form of magic.

Quick question: are you feeling that oh so constant desire to beat the air in your room to a bloody pulp this afternoon? If so, I’d love to suggest that you listen to Pom Pom Squad’s latest single, “Heavy Heavy” as you do so. The latest single from our favorite cheerleaders is a bloodcurdling slow burn that seems to find a way to keep turning the intensity dial higher and higher, hearing damage be damned.

The beauty of Tiny Ruins is rare and remarkable. With a natural gift for story-telling, Fullbrook is able to spin "straw into gold" with every word that glides over the thrum of deftly plucked guitar strings.

When I went to see Palehound and Weaves on February 10th, it was my first time [at Union Stage] and I was completely blown away- both by the amazing lineup of musicians and the space itself.

Nadia Reid + Julie Byrne @ The Miracle Theatre there is an upcoming show happening at Miracle Theatre, I figured I'd take a moment, albeit overdue, to shed some light on this gem of a venue. It is quite appropriately named, as it does feel miraculous.

Earlier this month, the radio station I work for, WMUC, was given the opportunity to present a show at the Black Cat. To my delight it was a Girlpool show, with Land of Talk and Forth Wanderers opening.

When I talk about Lomelda, I lose the ability to make sense. Every musical theme is overflowing with significance. Every word weighs down upon the listener while also holding them up. Even moments of silence are heard loudly. Oxymorons are generally what I resort to but I will do my best to articulate my thoughts.

Here's a list of 15 of my personal favorite albums of 2017 made by non-male musicians.

Stables' performance was a triumphant rendition of folk rock. Her smooth, lilting voice expertly makes her quick cadence and ornamentation seem easy. Accompanying herself on both banjo and guitar, Stables carefully spins narratives into captivating tapestries of sound.

On November 2nd, Snail Mail played a free show at the Dr. Martens store in Georgetown. The event, which took place in a shoe-box shaped storefront, felt more expansive than the compact and crowded room would have seemingly allowed. This theme is strikingly similar to the band itself.

On October 24th, I spent an emotional evening at DC9 with Florist and Keeper.

The first time I saw TORRES was on my 22nd birthday. I spent the evening at the 9:30 Club, with my sister, a chocolate cupcake, and some of my favorite musicians. The line-up was pretty much a birthday gift on its own, with TORRES (Mackenzie Scott) opening up for Frightened Rabbit. For Mackenzie's set, I found my way up to the front to watch what would end up being the first singles from her third studio album, Three Futures.

The following night after having seen Nice Try, IAN SWEET, and Frankie Cosmos, I found myself at Rock & Roll Hotel in the presence of yet another killer line-up. The bill consisted of Soccer Mommy, Stef Chura, and Jay Som- three artists that I have had on heavy rotation for the past few months.

A little over a week ago, I saw an incredible show at Black Cat. The bill consisted of Nice Try, IAN SWEET, and Frankie Cosmos. Considering my blog name, you can probably guess why I was so happy

Madeline Kenney is certainly uncommon. With a seemingly endless list of skills, professions, and hobbies, we should all consider ourselves lucky that she has chosen to take the path of being a musician.

This September, I saw Aldous Harding play at DC9. Having seen her perform twice this summer, in both DC and Brooklyn, I was already privy to her idiosyncrasies and atypical performance. Our first encounter was not what I had expected, but in a good way.

Before heading over to Black Cat to catch Lucy Dacus and Big Thief, I started out my evening at Songbyrd- a charming cafe/venue in Adams Morgan. The lineup inluded Gobbinjr, Bellows, and Ó.

The raw humanity of the band reverberated through their set, which felt less like a staged performance than it did a quiet moment in a living room.

The shift to seeing a band live can sometimes be a let down, but that could not be further from the truth when discussing Japanese Breakfast. The live show breathes in a way the recording version does not. It fleshes out the narrative to the point that it makes the detached personal again.

This past July, I got the chance to see Bad Bad Hats play two shows.

I had never seen a band with such effervescent energy - it was practically spilling over the edge.

No joke, seeing Jay Som was a spiritual experience. Twenty-three year-old Melina Duterte has perfected her craft, and it shows.

The Cameroon-native is not only writing songs that empower a generation of young black women, she is giving a voice to anyone that feels like an outsider to the oftentimes exclusive DIY music scene.